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Way to the Jungle 05

Anne climbed to the higher branches of the tree. It was a big tree, she thought, and a strong one too. It wouldn’t fall even if an adult climbed on it. Thinking of that, Anne was less scared. Soon she reached the edge of the wall. Grace could see Anne’s frightened face at the another side of the wall.

Anne carefully dragged her left foot to the top of the wall. The thickness of the wall could hold just enough for a person. Standing there was just like walking along a balance beam, but if Anne fell, it could take her dear life away.

Anne pushed her right foot towards the sky-scraping balance beam. This is when she tripped and lost her balance. Grace, on the other side, had her face freezed, eyeballs locked in place, but she couldn’t make a sound.

“Help!” Anne, who was too scared to do anything but scream at that time, kicked her right foot in the air.

She nearly fell, either to Grace’s side, or back to the forest’s side, which could be a fatal fall. But no, she balanced her body and remained safe and sound on the edge, and got a chance to finally see what is happening. Continue reading