Way to the Jungle 02

“Let’s go back.”

Anne was shocked. The girls had been searching the lake for hours, so why giving up? She also had a sense of feeling that something amazing was not far away from her.

“We need to go back. I can’t go home late for dinner.”

Anne laughed in her heart, Rosaline was scared of the dark.

But what could she say? She could only follow Rosaline back to the village. So two little shadows, one followed by one, moving bit by bit, had finally arrived.

Next morning, when Anne heard the hen, she rushed to Grace’s house.

“Grace, Grace.”

The door opened, a little girl about her age smiled with her mouth wide open, revealing the gap between her teeths. She was changing teeth at that moment.

“Grace, shall we go on an adventure?”

“An adventure? Good idea. Let me prepare.”

The girl invited Anne in and then ran to the inner part of her house, which was a small room, to put her belongings into a basket knitted by vine.

“Let’s go.”

Under the early morning sun, two little shadows, hand in hand, hip and hop, dancing to the place Rosaline just brought Anne to.

“I am hungry,” Anne said.

“I have brought some snacks for you.” Grace took some home-made food from the vine basket.

“Wow, my favourite!” Anne shouted. Two girls laughed together, chatted a lot and enjoyed the tasty snacks. Childhood was the happiest time in Anne’s life.

After eating, the two friends continued their adventure. They searched around, but similar to last time, they couldn’t find the lake.

“Look here, Anne!” Grace had found a pretty flower, pink in the stamens, with golden pollen on top of them, purple petals circled round, with a green stem. It was an

attractive kind of green, slightly lighter than the green of the leaves, it diffused the smell of youth.

While Grace was observing the flower, Anne found the root of the flower. It was not in the soil. It was on the wall.

A wall, thought Anne herself, how could there be a wall in the forest?

To be continued…


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