Way to the Jungle 01

Just got a chance to pick up my head that was drowned into the ocean of schoolwork, so I refreshed my posts. Enjoy!


Way to the Jungle

I don’t know why, but I am feeling the game much more boring than before.”

“So what do you want? Your doll has been the princess for a thousands times but mine hardly gets a chance.”

“No, Anne. I mean, shall we do something else? Oh, of course we should. Let’s go on an adventure. I have heard about a beautiful lake. Let’s go there.”

“But Rosaline… Are you sure you know the way?”

“You think I’m stupid…” She stepped out a big step, and the only thing Anne could do is to follow.

“Wait,” she stopped, “where is Grace?”

“Er… she is sick…”

“Oh no, I think we should go and visit her.”

“Please don’t, Rosaline. You don’t want her to spread germs onto you, right?”

Grace was not sick. In fact, she was skipping outside her house. Girls loved to skip, at that time. Anne had made a rope of rubber bands a few weeks ago, and sent it to her. She was skipping that rope just the momment Anne went to the lake with Rosaline. Anne didn’t know, this “adventure” had changed her life.

Under the sunset, that had painted the sky red, two little shadows moved slowly, one followed by another. After half a century, they still couldn’t find anything except long grass and sand.

“Oh, what’s going on?” Rosaline had finally spoken the first sentence since they started their “adventure”, “I really couldn’t find the lake!”

Anne kept quiet. She knew the impact of making a single sound when Rosaline is angry.

To be continued…

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