Way to the Jungle 05

Anne climbed to the higher branches of the tree. It was a big tree, she thought, and a strong one too. It wouldn’t fall even if an adult climbed on it. Thinking of that, Anne was less scared. Soon she reached the edge of the wall. Grace could see Anne’s frightened face at the another side of the wall.

Anne carefully dragged her left foot to the top of the wall. The thickness of the wall could hold just enough for a person. Standing there was just like walking along a balance beam, but if Anne fell, it could take her dear life away.

Anne pushed her right foot towards the sky-scraping balance beam. This is when she tripped and lost her balance. Grace, on the other side, had her face freezed, eyeballs locked in place, but she couldn’t make a sound.

“Help!” Anne, who was too scared to do anything but scream at that time, kicked her right foot in the air.

She nearly fell, either to Grace’s side, or back to the forest’s side, which could be a fatal fall. But no, she balanced her body and remained safe and sound on the edge, and got a chance to finally see what is happening. Continue reading


Way to the Jungle 04

It was the a place that Grace had never been to. The trees here has branches like crazy hair, showing the difference with those sharp-edged trees in the woods. Between the curvy canes, it shows some tiny dots of green. Bits by bits, like shiny stars in the sky, having the branches which slightly tangle, to be the darkness that swallows the sky silently. Every trees there, are different. You can just tell it by the different songs they sing. The melody is different, and so is the rhythm. But songs are magical things, as they are part of music. See how the trumpet mixes with the cello, or how the flute mixes with the drums. Seeming so different things, they cooperate so well. Like magic.

“Grace! Are you okay?” It was Anne shouting outside the wall, with her heart bumping hard, and legs stamping on the ground. Continue reading

Way to the Jungle 03

Anne searched around the edge of the wall, and she found the corner of the wall. A corner! That means the wall still has a long way to go, and this may possibly means the walls are circling around something, maybe a castle…

“A city wall,” Anne said to herself.

“Anne! Where are you going?” Grace followed her footsteps and found Anne walking along the edge of the wall, searching for something, then she stopped.

“I have been to the same place twice…” she said breathlessly, sitting on the ground.

She continued after she took the bottle of water Grace gave her, “I supposed there is something inside this city wall, but it doesn’t even have a gate.” Continue reading

Way to the Jungle 02

“Let’s go back.”

Anne was shocked. The girls had been searching the lake for hours, so why giving up? She also had a sense of feeling that something amazing was not far away from her.

“We need to go back. I can’t go home late for dinner.”

Anne laughed in her heart, Rosaline was scared of the dark.

But what could she say? She could only follow Rosaline back to the village. So two little shadows, one followed by one, moving bit by bit, had finally arrived.

Next morning, when Anne heard the hen, she rushed to Grace’s house.

“Grace, Grace.”

The door opened, a little girl about her age smiled with her mouth wide open, revealing the gap between her teeths. She was changing teeth at that moment.

“Grace, shall we go on an adventure?” Continue reading

Way to the Jungle 01

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Way to the Jungle

I don’t know why, but I am feeling the game much more boring than before.”

“So what do you want? Your doll has been the princess for a thousands times but mine hardly gets a chance.”

“No, Anne. I mean, shall we do something else? Oh, of course we should. Let’s go on an adventure. I have heard about a beautiful lake. Let’s go there.”

“But Rosaline… Are you sure you know the way?”

“You think I’m stupid…” She stepped out a big step, and the only thing Anne could do is to follow.

“Wait,” she stopped, “where is Grace?”

“Er… she is sick…”

“Oh no, I think we should go and visit her.”

“Please don’t, Rosaline. You don’t want her to spread germs onto you, right?”

Grace was not sick. In fact, she was skipping outside her house. Girls loved to skip, at that time. Anne had made a rope of rubber bands a few weeks ago, and sent it to her. She was skipping that rope just the momment Anne went to the lake with Rosaline. Anne didn’t know, this “adventure” had changed her life. Continue reading

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